About us

We, Biotechmed, develop and manage telemedicine services, i. e. services based on IT and the Internet which enhance the exchange of medical information between physicians and patients with the aim to provide remote diagnosis and care, as well as to speed up the operations in order to improve the people’s health status.

Our mission is:

  • To help healthcare professionals to make their job at best and in the quickest and most efficient way, even in case of lack of specific specialist knowledge, providing a valuable support for the management of their patients
  • To help the patients to monitor their own physiological parameters and to maintain general health, thanks to good quality medical services, more easily accessible and less onerous, both from the logistic and the economic points of view, compared to the traditional ones

All this is possible also thanks to our constant research in new healthcare technological solutions which allows us to be a cutting-edge company in telemedicine.

The main goals of our services are:

  • The scientific accuracy and the quality of the processes, by means of the full compliance with the Guidelines of the Medical and Scientific Companies and with the development and management programs promoted and monitored by a team of healthcare professionals
  • The operational ease of the processes, thanks to the use of user-friendly medical devices 
  • The containment of the costs for the processes in healthcare, thanks to the new technologies

What we really do care is the patient’s health, and for this reason we try to provide the healthcare professionals with the best solutions to offer their own patients a cutting-edge and clinically effective service.

For this reason Biotechmed s works closely with physicians or healthcare professionals, performing an analysis of the issues with a clinic evaluation and answering with technologically advanced solutions, in order to face a market with an increasing evolution and multiple needs.

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