Conditions of sales

Conditions of sales

Purchases on Biotechmed’s website are subject to the regulation of Legislative Decree n. 185 of 22/05/1999, determined in respect of distance contracts, as perfected by outside commercial premises.


Concerning the present general conditions of sales on website, and in addition to other possible definitions, the following terminology is considered.

“General Conditions”: all conditions of sales on website, which are applied to the contract between Biotechmed S.r.l. and the Customer.

“Biotechmed S.r.l.” or “Supplier” is the company owner of the website who wishes to conduct the sale through the Internet, for the Italian territory, of products falling within its range to healthcare professionals for the conduct of their activity. The company is based in Somma Lombardo (VA), Viale Maspero, 20.

“Products”: are all the products and/or commodities and/or services marketed by Biotechmed S.r.l. and forming part of its catalogue.

“Customer”: is the purchaser of the Products and Services, namely the natural or legal person who makes the purchase.

“Site”:  the set of web pages viewed in Internet at

Object of the online contract

Contract to purchase on-line means the contract, namely the legal purpose of which products and services offered on the site, concluded between Biotechmed S.r.l. and the customer under a system of distance held by the supplier through its website.

Contract formalization

All contracts are concluded through direct access by the customer at the website where, following the steps, he/she is supported step by step to the conclusion of the contract for the purchase of the product or service.

All purchase orders submitted to Biotechmed must be completed in all parties and must contain the elements necessary for the precise identification of the customer, products or services ordered, and the place of delivery of the goods.

The purchase order is sent to Biotechmed contract worth as shown on the customer’s line.

The order confirmation from Biotechmed, sent to the customer by e-mail, confirms the order and is intended as acceptance of the contract.

The contract is concluded and binding on both parties, when the confirmation of purchase order is sent to the customer.

Biotechmed reserves the right in its sole discretion not to accept orders incomplete or not properly completed.

Timing and mode of delivery of products

Biotechmed shall deliver the Products to the Customer, selected and sorted in the manner provided for in the preceding article, by international courier DHL or mail.

The delivery times, according to art. 6, D. Lgs. n.185/1999, will not exceed 30 working days from the day following the forwarding of the order to Biotechmed.

The delivery of the Products is subject to the payment by the Customer of its price with the means chosen from those provided by Biotechmed.

The tax documentation (bill or invoice) is issued by Biotechmed on the basis of data on the encoding the customer has made in the registration on the site.

Delivery charges are charged to the Customer and variable, depending on the weight and volume of goods purchased. Customers can determine the amount of costs imposed on shipments of their trucks at the time of the order, before transmitting it to Biotechmed.

Upon delivery and before signing the document of carriage with the courier, the customer must check that the number of packages is equal to that marked on the transport document (or delivery note of the courier), check that the labels packages are showing the correct address, check that the exterior of packages is not damaged or tampered (e.g. with non-original tape closures, damaged packaging, etc.). In case of an abnormality, it should be affixed on the reserve bulletin specifying the type of anomaly detected. Warning: put the reserve is a right enshrined in the Civil Code (Art. No. 1698). Alternatively, the Customer can refuse the shipment ever made on the bulletin justification for rejection (partial delivery, address incorrectly, damaged packaging).

If it was not possible to detect the anomaly in the presence of the courier, the customer will need to request to Biotechmed, by fax or by e-mail, an authorization to return (RMA number) no later than 5 days timing of receipt of goods purchased (the date on the delivery note). The Customer in each case must submit a request for authorization to return to Biotechmed, via e-mail or fax containing the following information: all the data of delivery: Number of transport document, document date, serial number with anomaly, abnormal quantity, description of how the package was presented to the reception and the damage found. After checking with the courier, Biotechmed will communicate the Customer the authorization to return damaged equipment and then ship the material in place. It is understood that abnormalities will not be accepted passed the 5 calendar days from receipt of goods.


All prices indicated in the website are in Euro.

The prices placed in the product page, unless differently indicated, exclude VAT and any other tax.

The prices of individual products from time to time indicated on the website, cancel and replace the previous ones.

The prices charged are those shown on the website at the time of purchase by the Customer.

Characteristics and availability of products

Products are not supplied on a trial basis. Customer is responsible for the selection of products ordered and their responsiveness to their needs.

If an order exceeds the quantities in stock, Biotechmed will accept the purchase limited to products available and make known to the buyer via e-mail if this product is available or not in the future and the time required for procurement. Biotechmed is committed to meeting the deadline notified about the timing of supply, but these times are non-binding.


Biotechmed shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform any of its obligations if the delay or failure results from events or circumstances outside its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, strikes, lock outs, accident, war, fire, breakdown of plant or machinery or shortage or unavailability of raw materials from a natural source of supply.

Customer’s obligations

The Customer undertakes, once the purchase process online is concluded, to print and store these General Conditions.

The information contained in the General Conditions must be viewed and accepted by the Customer before the order of purchase is placed, in order to satisfy the requirement of Articles 3 and 4 of the Decree. n.185/1999. Acceptance is by marking the appropriate space on the website. Otherwise, the order cannot be executed.


The right of withdrawal applies to individuals (consumers) acting for purposes which can be regarded as outside his/her professional activity. Are therefore excluded from the right of withdrawal, the purchases made by retailers and by companies and natural persons acting for purposes related to a professional activity.

The only “consumer” has the right to cancel the contract within 10 days of receipt of the goods, returning the asset object of the cancellation to the seller, which will refund the price of the goods returned. When purchasing a property is tied to another that is given, the right of withdrawal will be legitimately and exercised with the return of both of the subject property, given the constraint of the good in promoting respect the first.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the consumer must contact the Biotechmed’s Customer Service communicating the details of the invoice. In case of partial withdrawal, in addition to the purchase, the Customer must notify the code of the article purchased that he/she intends to return. Within 48 hours of notification, the Consumer must send by registered letter or fax a written and signed statement containing a wish to exercise his/her right to withdraw, with any information required, to: Biotechmed S.r.l., Viale Maspero 20, 21019 Somma Lombardo (VA).

Obtained authorization to return merchandise within 15 calendar days, the consumer must send at his/her own cost the goods for which he/she has exercised his right of withdrawal. The products must be returned intact, unused and in its original packaging. In no case will be withdrawn in cash or parcels assigned port.

Electronic payments

Payments made by credit card or other electronic equipment are made through a secure connection, directly connected to the bank manager and owner of the on-line payment service by which is Biotechmed convention. Biotechmed does not come into possession of the Customer’s credit card and cannot be held liable for any fraudulent use of the card in question.

Changes to these conditions

Biotechmed reserves the right to change the rules that govern these Terms and conditions applied to it. Adverse changes to the Customer will be notified to the Customer by e-mail at the address specified by him/her. In the event of adverse changes to the Client, he or she may, within 15 days of receipt of notification, terminate the contract. Otherwise the changes will be considered accepted.

Problems viewing pages

The customer must have own equipment and programs suitable for connection to the Internet. If the client is unable to see some or all parts of the website no charge or liability may be imputed to Biotechmed.

Suspension of service

Biotechmed reserves the right to suspend the visibility of the website at all or just part of its functions in relation to all needs related to efficiency and safety. In these cases Biotechmed, subject to the grounds of urgency, will notify customers by any means considered appropriate and as soon as possible.

Disputes and applicable law

Any dispute regarding the application, implementation, interpretation and breach of online contract by the Customer Biotechmed is subject to Italian jurisdiction.

As we do not expressly provided, we apply the rules of law applicable to the relationships and the cases referred to in the contract signed online by the Customer with Biotechmed.

Is elected as the Court Jurisdiction of Busto Arsizio.

Under Articles. 1341 and 1342 cc, the Customer acknowledges that he/she has read carefully the General Conditions above in its entirety, and after careful rereading expressly accept all the points.