The contents of this page have been produced by a team of physicians and experts of the Italian Institute of Telemedicine in compliance with the recommendations of the latest medical and scientific guidelines.

An overview of the most common diseases of the cardiovascular system and of the respiratory system which unfortunately can occur during our lives.

Cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, atrial fibrillation, or ischaemic heart diseases (angina pectoris or myocardial infarction), lung diseases such as asthma and COPD, and finally conditions such as diabetes mellitus and dyslipidemia (pathological increase of glucose and lipid levels in the blood) are nowadays unfortunately widespread among people. The causes can be mainly related to a bad lifestyle which in our times lets people become exceedingly sedentary and to eat unbalanced diets.

Monitoring the main physiological parameters, especially for patients already suffering from some of these pathologies or conditions, is a common sense practice which helps to keep your own health status under control.


Cardiovascular disease

The most common pathologies affecting the cardiovascular system

These diseases affect the cardiovascular system, and are among the main causes of death worldwide. In this case, prevention and monitoring are practices of the utmost importance!

Atrial fibrillation

One of the most widespread cardiac arrhythmias

It is a heartbeat disorder occurring in the heart atria and provoking a blood stagnation inside them. Then risk is the formation of dangerous blood clots, which, entering the blood circulation, cause the cerebral stroke


High values for blood pressure

When the blood pressure, i. e. the pressure of the blood against the arterial walls, reaches high levels and this condition gets chronic, then it becomes a pathology to keep always monitored to prevent serious damages to the cardiovascular system and the arising of cardiovascular diseases.

Diabetes mellitus

A dangerous increase of the glucose levels in the blood

This condition, if getting chronic, becomes a dangerous cause of cardiovascular diseases and of other serious consequences for the health.


Hypercholesterolemia and hypertriglyceridemia

When we have lipid values in the blood exceeding the critical values then we speak of Dyslipidemia. The most common forms are the hypercholesterolemia and the hypertriglyceridemia. High lipid levels in the blood can cause atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.


The consequences of overweight and obesity

An excessive accumulation of body fat provokes a weight increase which can on its turn potentially cause serious consequences for the health. We speak of obesity when our body mass index (BMI) reaches a value ≥30 kg/m2

Lung diseases

Our respiratory system can be affected by several diseases

 COPD and asthma are the two most common diseases affecting the respiratory system and unfortunately every year reveal an increasing number of cases. For both the diseases we are dealing with important obstruction to the airway flow.

Sleep apneas

Condition known as OSAS

The obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) is a condition in which, during the sleep, occur some repetitive and recurring breathing pauses. A wrong lifestyle, unhealthy diet and the increase of the body weight, lung and cardiovascular diseases enhance the arising of this condition.


A correct lifestyle as first step towards wellbeing

A diet favouring carbohydrates, lipids and alcohol in dangerous amounts, along with sedentariness and tobacco consumption is among the main causes of the arising of dangerous diseases. Maintaining a correct lifestyle is the first goal to remain healthy.