Are you an healthcare professional?

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Are you a healthcare professional?

Rely on our Tholomeus® Telemedicine service. Make your work faster and more efficient!

Why use Tholomeus®?

Tholomeus® allows you, healthcare professional, to manage your patients’ health by monitoring all physiological parameters just from a PC.

Which are the advantages of Tholomeus®?

Once the data have been uploaded to the Tholomeus® web platform, they are available to you from any device and / or operating system. The reporting, easy and fast, is traced by means of a Digital Certification that determines the origin and the author.

Is Tholomeus® easy to configure?

Definitely yes. The software does not require particular and complex installation procedures and is always updated. Furthermore, all uploaded data are sent in real time allowing an online reporting by our team of specialists. A report of the examination and an easily intelligible medical report allow the healthcare professional to quickly identify the problem and to carry out all appropriate actions.

Is Tholomeus® a reliable and secure telemedicine system?

Tholomeus® is a CE marked medical device, based on recognized and clinically validated medical devices. The used devices are accurate and reliable and are specially selected and customized for the platform.

The Telemedicine service takes place in compliance with the regulations on privacy and security of sensitive data, on pharmacy services and on online medical reports.

Are you a physician? Here are all the advantages of Tholomeus® for your profession:

  • Easy and immediate diagnosis for your patients
  • Fast reporting
  • Technical support of the Tholomeus® team to the Telemedicine service
  • Visualization of the exams reports and of all of your patients data
  • The healthcare facility becomes the cornerstone for your patient screening and follow-up

Are you a pharmacist? Here’s how relying on Tholomeus® can be useful for you:

  • Thanks to Tholomeus® specialists’ team you can provide a highly specialized service to your patients and their physicians
  • The Pharmacy shall become the focal point that connects patients and physicians thanks to screening and follow-up of patients performed by means of the Tholomeus® telemedicine service

Are you a nurse? Here’s how Tholomeus® can be useful for your activity

  • With the support of our team of specialists you can offer home monitoring services to chronic patients
  • Thanks to the telemedicine platform you can communicate the results of the examinations carried out and reported by our team of specialists to the patients you are following