Tholomeus® is your health app! Tholomeus® is our telemedicine service which helps to keep your physiological parameters monitored.

Our Telemedicine service uses cutting-edge systems which allow a full monitoring of the physiological parameters to prevent or to monitor the most common pathologies.

With Tholomeus® you can perform the blood pressure monitoring or an electrocardiogram at your home or at partner facilities. You can also measure your lung function thanks to the Telespirometry and to the Teleoximetry; finally, you can monitor your weight, your body temperature and your lipid and glucose levels in your blood by using reliable, validated and certified devices.

Tholomeus® is your health app, which will help you to live better ensuring a constant monitoring of your health status.


Blood pressure telemonitoring

Measure your blood pressure at home or at medical facilities in partnership with Tholomeus®

From today it’s immediately available for your physician the measurement at home of the blood pressure thanks to the innovative telemedicine system Tholomeus®.



Monitor the health status of your cardiovascular system with Tholomeus®!

24-hour blood pressure monitoringresting electrocardiogram and 24-hour Holter ECG and cardiovascular diagnosis for the most common pathologies of the cardiovascular system.



Perform a full screening for the most common lung diseases

Measure your lung function and immediately record your spirometric parameters.

Finally look at your examinations uploaded in Tholomeus® specific section.



Monitor the percentage of oxygen saturation in your blood and check if you suffer from sleep apneas.

Thanks to accurate and certified medical devices you can measure the percentage values of the oxygen saturation in your blood and immediately upload them in the specific section of Tholomeus®, as well as to monitor the sleep apneas at partner medical centres or pharmacies. The data will be available to you and to your physician.


Glucose and lipid profile

Monitor the glucose and lipids in your blood

Monitor lipid and glucose levels in your blood and prevent serious diseases and the ones affecting the cardiovascular system and the diabetes mellitus.


Body weight control

Periodically update your body weight

Thanks to Tholomeus® you can record your weight in the specific section with the possibility to have together with your physician the full framework of your health status.


Body temperature

Daily monitor your body temperature

In case of chronic pathologies is very useful to monitor your body temperature. Thanks to Tholomeus® you can upload the values of your body temperature in order to have an overview of your health status.