Tholomeus® becomes an effective and valuable device for the screening of the most widespread lung diseases such as the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and asthma.

The measurement in clinical environment (at a pharmacy or at a partner medical facility) is very easy and quick. It is performed by means of accurate and certified spirometers able to record the most important spirometric parameters relating to the lung functions.

After the spirometric test enter the Tholomeus® app and view your examination!


My Exams

Open the Tholomeus® app and enter the section “My Exams” to view the outcomes of your spirometric test performed at partner pharmacies or health centers. Otherwise enter the section “My Measurements” to upload the data.


Clinic spirometry

Thanks to the Tholomeus® clinic spirometry service you can monitor your own lung function at a partner healthcare facility. Furthermore you can upload by means of the App the measurements performed at home and share them with your physician.


Any information you enter in the Tholomeus® APP is always available for you both on your smartphone or tablet APP and on our website, in the specific web APP you can access with the same login data.

Tholomeus® and its medical team are always by your side!

Check your parameters with our products, specifically developed for Telemedicine!

Constantly monitor your physiological parameters by means of validated and certified products, reliable and suitable for our Telemedicine service.