Body temperature

One of the first alert signs given by our body when not in shape is the fever. A constant and periodic monitoring of your own body temperature, especially if you suffer from chronic pathologies, is a highly recommended practice in order to always keep your own health status under control.

Thanks to accurate and certified medical devices linked to the Tholomeus®, app, you can keep your body temperature under control and record it in the specific section to immediately make it available to you or to your physician. Alternatively, you can enter the values measured with your thermometer.

Furthermore we point out that the use of digital thermometers for the measurement ensures a higher accuracy of the taken data and that in case of periodic measurement this should be always performed with the same device and preferably at the same time.


My Measurements

Open the Tholomeus® app, enter the “My Measurements” section to upload your data measured directly at home.


My Measurements – Body temperature

Enter the section to upload your previously measured data: the entered data are made immediately available to you and to your physician on any device.


New measurement

Enter here the value of the measured body temperature

Add, if needed, a specific note, save your data and immediately upload your measurements section in Tholomeus®!

Any information you enter in the Tholomeus® APP is always available for you both on your smartphone or tablet APP and on our website, in the specific web APP you can access with the same login data.

Tholomeus® and its medical team are always by your side!

Check your parameters with our products, specifically developed for Telemedicine!

Constantly monitor your physiological parameters by means of validated and certified products, reliable and suitable for our Telemedicine service.